Amber brings boundless curiosity for sensory experience. Through extensive dance training and ongoing secular mindfulness practice, they are constantly deepening their understanding of movement and self-actualization. In addition to Feldenkrais, Amber studies Body Weather, Noguchi Taiso and Fighting Monkey research. Each tool foregrounds relational problem solving and sophisticated yet sustainable movement. Amber believes that every session is a laboratory for nurturing your own way of moving, holding that you are the expert of your own experience. Their role is to reflect your hidden strengths through a fluid dialogue that respects the many facets of your identity. Together, you will build clear structures for cultivating autonomy as the familiar gradually becomes unfamiliar, enlivening and restorative.

Wanda believes in the discovering and rediscovering the benefits of the Feldenkrais method as it relates to the needs of her each of her clients. She sees the method as a reliable wellness practice with specific outcomes but an abstract trajectory- a journey as specific and subjective as the self image, perspectives and experiences of the client themselves. She has a vast background in movement studies, and in addition to being a Feldenkrais practitioner works as a choreographer, creative consultant, movement theorist and dance educator. Wanda sees herself working in a range of contexts, with people in need of direct support for their challenges or injuries, as well as those looking to engage deeply with their own movement research.  

We are certified Feldenkrais Method 

Practitioners and lifelong movement enthusiasts.

Our Practice –

Open  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

(Closed Wednesday and Saturday)

Located in Bushwick (L train) and Greenpoint (G train)

$60-90 Sliding Scale


Limited donation-based sessions with a commitment of three visits.

Yes, we travel! Ask us about house calls.


Both our locations are located in buildings without ramps or elevators. We can arrange for sessions to occur at alternate locations that fulfill ADA regulations.

We love collaborations and custom programs. Please contact us to schedule a meeting to develop an offering that suits your needs. We appreciate the opportunity to work with your organization.

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