01     Skill


We vow to develop our skills through continued training, research and study to build the best offerings for our community.


02     Reciprocal Equity


We hold that our clients have the right to co-author their experience within our practice.

03     Synthesis


We invite open dialogue to best integrate the relevance of this work in your day to day life.


04     Advocacy


We will foreground your comfort and seek the right tools to make your session accessible to you.

01     Collaboration


We work collaboratively to support each other and challenge divisive individualism. Our integrity starts with our respect for each other.

02     Sensitive Anarchy

We recognize that power inequities exist in all aspects of life. We are committed to maintaining a nonhierarchical environment that centers your humanity. 

03     Self Knowledge

Feelings matter. We prioritize emotional and physical intelligence. Your autonomy and understanding of your own needs comes first.

04     Privacy

We handle your personal information with discretion. We will always ask your permission before sharing details about you within our practice.

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